How to promote your blog in (2022)

Author’s Bio – Palash P. Mohane From PSM Infoline Software company in Nagpur.

How to promote your website in 2022? This might be the first question that might pop in your head when you decided to start a blog.

There are indefinite ways to promote your blog, today I will share with you all the cool tips and tricks to do so, You will learn how you can leverage different kinds of channels in a website or blog promotion. You will be learning about

  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Link Building

And how you can use these channels in order to promote your WordPress blog, rank your blog and also generate traffic.

So, let's dive in and start this journey

But first thing’s first

In order to answer the question How to grow your WordPress blog?

My first answer will be -

You should choose an SEO friendly themes

And use the best SEO plugins, tools out there some ex are Yoast SEO, W3total cache, keyword planner etc.


Now let’s start

1) Publish crazy amazing content –
As the all digital marketers say’s content is the king, and that’s true, you don’s have to publish and write blog post 4-5 times a week you can publish 1 blog post per month that’s the best practice according to me, But make make sure the blog post you publish has to be indepth, long (minimum 2000+ words) and should answer the user query. In my opinion list post’s perform way better, So you can try that as well.
Pro tip – use social share buttons like click to tweet in your blog post.

2) Create an email list –
For start you can scrap the emails of your linkedin connections that’s what I did, You can also build your email list by exporting your gmail and facebook contacts. And as your blog/websites grows and generates traffic you can use tools like subscribers, hello bar from Neil patel or you can use optin forms in order to grow your email list.

3) Email marketing –
As of now you might have the initial subscribers to your blog, So now you can use email marketing tools like Aweber or mailchimp to start your email – marketing campign, You can use templets from these websites, use email automation and send a notification mail to all your subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post to get a head start.And in this way you can promote your wordpress blog in no time.
But hear’s a catch –
Pro Tip – Send your E-mails at the best time possible in order to improve your CTR.
Can also use follow up automated mail for those who haven’t opened your mail in first time
So, these 3 points might answer your query about how to promote your wordpress blog in 2021 via email marketing. Without wasting any time let’s dive into our next step. Before going further there might be these questions popping in your head that – How to get traffic to my blog for free? OR How to get visitors to your blog? Well, this next step will answer your these question’s, and you will get results if you do this correctly.

4) Use news aggregator sites to generate initial traffic boost –
You can get great results from this tactic but you have to keep one thing in mind, (NO SPAM) you cannot just only share your blog post links on these sites, you have to be smart and engage in your community earn some karma points and upvotes, help the other users and believe me if you do this the right way it’s a goldmine. The sites which you can start of with are
  • Reddit
  • hackernews
  • and many more .....
  • Pro Tip – (NO SPAM) (NO SPAM) (NO SPAM).

5) Question and Answer sites –
Quora is a wonderful referral traffic resource, you can find questions related to your niche and answer them and point a link back to your website or blog. You can also explore websites like Yahoo Answers and

6) Forums –
Become an active member on your niche related forums, you can find these by typing this string in Google “Your niche” + “forums” OR “Intitle: forum + keyword” Create an account on that forum, in the signature you can also leave a backlink pointing to your website. Help the community users and you will see your blog traffic growing.

Let me tell you one important thing here when I was researching for the topic “How to promote your wordpress blog” one thing that stood out was “Social media”
Social media plays a huge role in a Blog Promotion –
So here’s step no-

7) Make use of Social bookmarking sites –
Befor leveraging social media platforms to promote your blog, You can make use of social bookmarking sites in order to acquire backlinks and blog promotion –
You can use sites like
  • All top
  • Stumble upon
  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • And much more the list is never ending. Use these resources to promote your blog.

8) Facebook –
Publish your blog post on facebook, make sure you make use of FB groups, relevant hashtags in order for promotion. Create a FB page of your brand, blog publish your content there, make full use of Facebook marketing platform in order to acquire more page likes and website traffic and increase your FB page likes.
Pro tip – Use Facebook ads in order to promote your blog. But how?

First use engagement campign in order to gain likes and comments on your FB post share that post on relevant groups using hashtags and after you have generated like’s, comment and share on that post use the same post and this time choose campaign website traffic in Facebook ads dashboard and as told earlier use the post on which you have generated like’s, share and comment, As a result you will gain maximum return on investment, But make sure you target the right audience while setting up the ads for this you can use facebook audience insights and check the pages your target audience likes and are interested in and target those pages and put those pages in the intrest section.

9) Instagram –
If you run a blog that creates more visual and you use too many photos and infographics (which is obviously the best practice) Instagram is for you. Just create a insta business page, use relevant hashtags, you can also use tools like everliker which helps you grow your instagram followers (organic) for free.

10) linkedin –
Linkedin is also a great way and there is a cool trick for promoting a blog and increase website traffic, I will tell you how – There is a feature in linkedin which allows you to write and publish article on linkedin, what you can do is start by introducing your blog and write few points and then as a Pro tip you can write continue reading and link back that article to your blog or website’s original source.

11) Youtube –
You have to admit that Youtube is crushing it right now and as a result you can get a tons of traffic from youtube, Just start your youtube channel upload amazing videos and in the video description put a link back to your website.
How to Promote your wordpress blog?
These question will be partially answered if I don’t talk about SEO, link building and organic traffic.
But how to get your blog noticed by Google?
In order to rank your blog on Google’s SERP (search engine result page ) On page and Off page SEO is the key and very important, So without wasting any time let’s dive into the next step

On page SEO –
12) You can use tools like search console, screaming frog, SEO site checkup in order to find On page technical issues on your websites and resolve them accordingly in order to improve your site's authority. Some of the on-site issues which need to be resolved in order to rank your blog high are -
13) website indexing problem which can be improved by submitting sitemap on search console.
14) Robots.txt file may be missing.
15) Website’s URL must be short and SEO friendly
16) The main focus keyword of your blog should be present in the meta title.
PRO TIP – Start your title tag with your focus keyword, and use brackets, numbers and use phrases like Best, Amazing, Easy, Now to boost your CTR.
17) meta description tag should be present.
18) Wrap your headings and subheadings in H1 and H2 tags.
19) Improve your page loading speed. (Use Google’s page speed insight or GT matrix to check your website’s loading speed )
20) Improve bounce rate with the help of multimedia in your content. (images, videos, and infographics)
21) Use your focus keyword in the first paragraph of your blog.
22) Sprinkle LSI keywords related to your focus keywords in your blog.
23) use ALT tag for image optimization.
24) Use internal links to boost page authority.
25) Use external links and link out to relevant resources.
26) Publish long form of content minimum (1800 words)
By, optimizing your blog, website with these on page SEO techniques you can easily increase the authority of your WordPress blog and organically rank and promote your website/blog. Now I, am going to share some link building tactics (Off-page Seo) which you can use to build links to your WordPress blog in order to get higher rankings in Google SERP.
27) Guest posting –
Doing or submitting a guest post on somebody else’s blog is one way of acquiring a backlink and targeted traffic. But make sure you publish a guest post on your niche related and high-quality blogs which have high domain authority, But believe me this is difficult than you think, you have to follow a certain procedure in doing so. First, make the list of website’s where you are willing to submit your post.
Then read the types of blog’s that are published on that website, comment on their blog’s, make good contact with the blogger and then outreach that blogger with your pitch.
You can use these string’s to find Guest blogging opportunity in your niche – “Keyword” + “write for us”
“keyword”+”submit guest post”
PRO TIP – stay away from websites that ask for money for publishing your blog/content. And read the guest posting guidelines first.

28) link roundups –
Submit your content /blog to the bloggers who run weekly roundups in your niche.
You can find these by these strings “keyword” + “link roundup”, “keyword”+”this week”

29) Broken link building –
This is my all time fav link building tactic, for this, you might need a tool (chrome extension) check my links. Look out for the broken link’s related to your topics on the websites you are trying to get a link from and when you find one just tell (mail) the site owner that you have to find a broken link on their site and offer them your website content in order to replace it with yours.

30) Links from .edu, .org and .gov sites –
As stated above you can use the same tactic in acquiring backlink from these sites as well, Just look out for the resources pages on these websites then check if there is any broken link, if there is your job is half done, just write similar content and offer them to replace it with your content
PRO TIP – You can use Wayback machine in order to check the 404 content.

31) HARO
Help a reporter out is a great resource for getting a high-quality backlink for your blog from a high authority site.

32) Use Brian dean’s Skyscraper technique
33) Infographics link building (Guestographic)
In order to promote your WordPress blog infographics plays a huge role. If you publish high-quality infographics on your site you can use embed code in order to get tons of backlinks from that infographic.

34) Google Adwords –
You can invest some of your money on PPC ads and leverage this platform to promote your WordPress blog.

35) Help the community –
Make contact’s with other bloggers in your niche help them, help their users, respond to the comment’s build strong communication and eventually your WordPress blog will do well.

Conclusion -
By, this time I think you have gotten the fair idea to How to promote your blog in 2021? I hope this article helps you in promoting your WordPress blog, But one thing just keep in mind to publish great quality and fresh content as this is the number (1) tactic to bring the best out of your blog.